About me

 My experience of Maths at school was initially a very negative one. The maths teacher would generally shout at us if we said we didn't understand something, her favourite expression was 'it's simple'. I rapidly learned to stop asking to avoid being yelled at. Like many children, I accepted that I wasn't any good at maths and gave up.

 As an adult, I returned to education to train in computer programming and decided to have another go with maths. This time, I had a great teacher, and realised that I could in fact understand it.

This then spurred me on to do an Open University Maths Foundation Course. Although I had to work at it, I successfully completed the course - again, brilliant teachers.

 I finally decided to train as a Maths teacher and graduated in 1989.

As my own experience of maths had been initially very poor, I have always taught students in the way I would have liked to have been taught myself. If someone doesn't understand something, I explain it again and, if necessary, again.

I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to understand maths. Not necessarily to A-Level or degree standard, but if something is explained in the correct way, most people will understand it.

 I have never shouted at a student and told them some mathematical idea was simple!

"... Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire..." (William Butler Yeats)


 An enhanced CRB check is carried out regularly, the current was issued in 2011.

Fully insured for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability.

Member of The Association of Teachers & Lecturers.

Member of The Association of Teachers of Mathematics.

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