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Books and Games

TitleDescriptionPrice & Availability
mrsj english

A brilliant little book with lots of useful information
like types of word - noun, adjective etc.

£5.00 from Amazon or Waterstones
mrsj maths

Lots of maths facts and figures to help with 11+ and maths in general

£5.00 from Amazon or Waterstones


mrsj tables

A fun way to learn tables.

l adventure

Originally for the BBC micro, this text based adventure games
has lots of mathematical puzzles to solve
It is a very hot day.

You are sitting on the grass outside a crumbling palace.
Your sister is reading a book called "Fractions and the Four Rules - 5000 Carefully Graded Problems".
You are bored and the heat is making you feel a little sleepy. Suddenly you see an old man dressed as an abbot.  He glances at you nervously and disappears through a small door in the side of the palace.

This is the start of a Mathemagical Adventure.

Once stated on their journey adventurers try to solve many and varied mathematical problems that will help them to find the final solution.
Along the way there will be lots of opportunities for discussion, thinking, working together, using logic and reasoning, as well as having fun.

Text based and designed to use and stimulate your mathematical imagination.
Accompanied by a booklet containing a number of activities which can be developed away from the computer to support and maximise the learning opportunities provided by the software.
First published in 1984 for BBC computers, it is now re-released making it available to another generation of adventurers. 'L' is still listed as one of the top 10 BBC games ever.
'L' is suitable for adventurers in upper KS2/3, or older.

For those new to the game, 'L' is an adventure game with a strong mathematical theme offering opportunities to discuss and solve problems whilst moving through the game. The program is suitable for KS2, KS3 learners.
It is designed to run in Windows based stand-alone and network computers.

£25.00 Association of Teachers of Mathematics