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IGCSE and GCSE Mathematics

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Many students find Mathematics quite hard work and this is especially true with GCSE. If topics are covered at the right pace and in such a way as to relate them to real situations, students often find they do make sense and they can attain a higher grade than they expected, the presentation is key.

The IGCSE covers some additional subjects and is a little more rigorous. Many fee-paying schools and Grammar Schools enter students at this level.


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The 11+ is still used in several counties including Kent and Surrey as well as some of the London Boroughs including Bromley and Bexley.

In some areas, the papers are set by NFER (National Foundation for Educational Research), CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring or GL Assessment.

The content does vary a little but usually covers Mathematics, English and Reasoning. In some cases the papers are multiple choice whereas others require written answers.

Some fee-paying schools set their own entrance exams, Sevenoaks School being one example.


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Many fee-paying schools take students in at age 13. Some use their own entrance exams whilst others use the ISEB (Independent Schools Examination Board) examinations.

Mathematics and English are tested but not all test Reasoning.

Adult Learners

People wishing to train as a Teacher or Nurse are required to complete a Mathematics test. If, due to a poor school experience, they do not have a GCSE with the required grade, a test has to be taken.

It can be particularly daunting as an adult to prepare for this test but with the right presentation, the experience may not be too much of a negative.